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ENC 1302
(Engineering Building III)
Phone: (813) 974-2684
Fax: (813) 974-6973

University of South Florida
Engineering Student Services
4202 E. Fowler Ave., ENB118
Tampa, FL 33620-5350

What is Student Services?
Our Student Services is more than an advising center. We are here to assist you, the student, in your academic journey and provide guidance from your entry point into the university through your entire scholastic career. Our office:

  • Handles undergraduate admissions for the college and academic departments,
  • Conducts orientation for new freshmen and transfer students,
  • Offers programs and resources for new and continuing students to help achieve student academic success,
  • Certifies graduation for all degree programs in the college.

Although our services are primarily for undergraduate students, we try to be the “one stop shop” for students as a whole. If you would like to speak with an advisor please feel free to contact us at one of the phone numbers or e-mails listed below or through USF eScheduler to make an appointment.

Make an appointment with an advisor today!

For students-
For non-students:

Adviser Name Phone E-mail
Kate Johnson 813-974-4937
Lili Clark 813-974-5742
Eva Fernandez 813-974-9503
John Morgan 813-974-5648
Pachara Mayton 813-974-6282
Pat Homer 813-974-4940
Krysta Banke 813-974-9283

If you are interested in our online Information Technology program, any of the above advisors can help you.

TRANSFER STUDENTS To help you prepare for the transition to USF, you may see any of the above advisors for any engineering major. If you have 60 credits and are ready to be accepted into the Information Technology program, below is the contact information for the Department Advisor for Information Technology.

Major Name Phone E-mail
Information Technology Lisa Wetmore 813-974-6428



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Electrical Engineering Industrial Engineering

Information Technology

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